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Collection Agency
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Innovative Recovery Services & Consumer Communication

Something positive happens when we ask consumers in the first few minutes how they are doing. We let them tell us their story. We listen, create an open line of communication, and together solve a financial problem. Our responsibility is to resolve accounts, not create additional complexities. The communication that occurs between consumers and CBusa is the pillar of our success. CBusa makes every effort to be fully capable of answering consumer questions and further support consumers needs to resolve their financial obligations.

CBUSA Understands your Modern Healthcare Challenge

The healthcare industry continues to get more complex, both from a patient services standpoint and a regulatory standpoint. Between higher deductibles, longer payment terms, increased denials and limited billing office staffing, AR compounds quickly. These two elements put extreme pressure on staff and efficiencies. We provide the next phase of AR recovery with an intelligent and compliant communication and problem resolution strategy.

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Business Collections & Litigation

Business to Business debt continues to grow and become more contractually complex. From Agriculture, to Healthcare, to LTL, to Property Management, to Heavy Equipment, the continued challenge of effectively recovering aged AR is challenging on your office staff.  CBusa provides a comprehensive solution to support your staff by taking the work of managing delinquent AR off their plate, so they can stay focused on current AR.  CBusa offers a nation-wide collection solution with a unique specialty and cost saving solution within the State of California.  Nationally, CBusa has partner attorneys to support the collection progression and provide litigation as necessary.